Floor pillow CLOUD

pufa chmura front

Cloud – it’s a floor pillow based on bean bag. Encourages to sit down and just relax. It’s huge and comfy. Perfect if you want to read a book, watch some TV or just sit down and do nothing :). Some more details: filled with small beads that comfortably adjust to your body “cloudie” part […]


rockman 01

New Year’s Eve fun and dancing is now gone with the wind, but the carnival is not over yet! This is a truly rock’n’roll cat for Michał! The idea was inspired by Michal’s mom and her wonderful sketch. I love naughty cats, but I love brave rock’n’roll mums even more! ;) Some more details: custom-made cat […]

Owl who loves to count!

sowa ksiegowa collage copy

The ACCOUNTANT OWL was made for some very special accounting office. Its owners have three wonderful kids and I hope the owl is going to count the hugs & kisses there :). Some more details: embroidered company logo and color code wings and paws filled with small balls – interesting to examine, rattle and chew […]

Cat girl who loves football for Alice

kicia pilkarka

This CAT GIRL THE FOOTBALL PLAYER was made for Alice and loves to run around the green grass, run around the sports fields. Alice’s mum plays in a football club – so the cat girl wears the club outfit! See those sweet eyes? Now you’re sure she’s a cat girl, definately not a boy :). […]

Cuddly doggie for Greg

jamnik dla grzesia

Ladies and Gentleman, please meet the CUDDLY DOGGIE for Greg! All thanks to Greg’s Mum, who encouraged me to sew a new animal :). Little Greg is to be born soon and he’ll be welcomed home by two dachshunds – the beloved one, long-time family member “sausage” and this pillow-softie! And some more details, of […]

Aviator cat for Szymon

szymon lotnik

The AVIATOR CAT for Szymon: he’s a cat, a softie, a pillow, there’s always so much fun to follow! Of course, he’s ‘a custom-made order, here are some details: personalized embroidery: inscriptions and airplane applique on the back rustling cloud on his belly heart-shaped nose Sense-activating specialties for babies: whiskers with knots to chew and […]

Tola has a cat!

kot dla toli copy

Tola’s PILLOW CAT is now hugging with Tola, so I can proudly show him to you :) Here he goes: curly tail, easy to catch in little hands cuddly furry paws contrasting appliques with eye-catching pattern rustling belly whiskers with knots and decorative ribbons to chew and pull heart-shaped nose sweet smile and heart full […]

Milan, the football player

milan 01

This is MILAN THE CAT, who loves to play football! He was made as a custom order for a very special boy named Milan – and as each Loff Loff toy – he’s unique and one only :). Some more details: embroidered name and number 1 on the back football-shaped nose outfit and logo stylized […]

Rogue cat that ate too much peas

loff-loff kot lobuz w grochy

Hello, says the ROGUE CAT! He lately ate too much peas and… tried to quietly get rid of gas ;). Elements activating baby senses: rustling ears and belly paws filled with small grains – rustling, interesting to examine and touch contrasting patterns to activate seeing curly tail and long paws – designed to be easy […]

Cat who dreamed of flying

Kot, który marzył o lataniu

CAT WHO DREAMED OF FLYING I have those aviator glasses and in my pocket, there’s a cloudy cloud! I’m carrying it to bring luck, and for easier flying (everyone knows, riding a cloud is easy!) And my rustling ears, shhhhs, they can hear every single whish of wings! Made of smooth minky. Appliques: 100% cotton, […]

A cat that caught a fish and the night was dark

kot nocny z rybka

A CAT WHO CAUGHT A FISH AND THE NIGHT WAS DARK And so the cat befriended with the fish, who lived in a small pocket on his belly. Now the fish tells him underwater stories – if you listen, you can hear them too! He can be a cheerful companion for any young explorer. His […]